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SSL Certificates and SEO – Are They Necessary?

Google recently began contacting website owners directly through Search Console (formerly Google’s Webmaster Tools) with a somewhat cryptic message about Google Chrome security warnings and SSL Certificates.

We’re headed to Brooklyn

Martin will discuss the role of video and storytelling in marketing experiential travel brands at the Independent Lodging Congress in Brooklyn.

Why people chooseAirbnb over hotels

Though I have a vested interest in supporting hotels (I run an agency that works primarily with a lot of hotels), I often stay in an Airbnb when I’m paying for travel. The reasons are common among people who use Airbnb. There are some great takeaways for Hoteliers, so I’ll outline them in this post.

Snapchat + Instagram for hospitality & travel brands

Travel and hospitality focused agencies have been reluctant to offer advertising on these two platforms, and there’s not a ton…

Facebook ads: growing potential or burst bubble?

Facebook’s seen its fair share of controversy lately. But what does this mean for luxury travel brands? Take a look at Facebooks current advertising offering and explore it’s growing (yet controversial) potential.

The State of Mobile + Travel

The typical path from research → engagement → purchase has been completely disrupted by smartphones. Hoteliers are now faced with a quickly evolving channel to find and convert new guests.


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