Seeking Adventure Seekers

We want to be the leading digital agency in the world for experiential travel products in the luxury market. To do that, we need smart and motivated people. That’s where you come in. We know there are plenty of opportunities in Vancouver for talented people in tech. But if you’re looking to become an expert in this vocation and have a passion for travel, there could be a really good fit here.

Positioning + Values

We’re always looking for ways to narrow our focus, because strong positioning allows agencies to thrive. There are over 200,000 results for “digital agency” in Google. Hundreds of thousands of generalist agencies that work broadly across industries and specializations that compete with one another. Our positioning means we only compete with a handful of those agencies.

It also means we work in a bigger geographic area with more sophisticated clients who are not seeking “we do everything” agencies. And in every industry, the greatest challenges are tackled by specialists. For you as a professional, knowledge that’s deeper and narrower will mean more money and better opportunities.

The problems we solve on the web are becoming increasingly complex, which is problematic for generalists. And many of the service offerings traditionally delivered by digital agencies are becoming commoditized and eroded by automation. By narrowing our focus we work with these forces, not against.

Ultimately, having deeper expertise increases our utility within our engagements. This is good, because our goal is for our clients to be successful.

Our values are simple, and we want people with values that reflect those of the company. Be proactive, be practical, and ask a lot of questions. Create value and have empathy for our clients. You’ll have a lot of autonomy working here, but we maintain a culture of accountability. We also prefer candidates that have a passion for travel and interest in expertise building, because we believe this alignment strengthens our culture and work.

We care a lot about work life balance. And it’s ok if work isn’t your passion in life. We love what we do; we wouldn’t be here otherwise. But people have varying levels of fulfillment, and work is often a utilitarian purpose we engage in so we can do more of the things that we’re passionate about. With that in mind, we respect the things you love outside of work and foster a work environment and culture that makes room for them.

The Office

Our office is located in beautiful Vancouver BC, at the edge of Gastown. We’ve got a nice view of the water and the North Shore mountains with a rooftop patio. Waterfront and Stadium stations are two blocks away, and we’re right next to a park. There are plenty of lunch and coffee options nearby, or you can always eat here and hang out with the dogs. We sit on comfy Steelcase Amias and work on iMacs in a Mac network. There’s a secure bike room downstairs and a shower.

The Company We Keep

We work with brands from all over the world, with a focus on experiential travel in the luxury market. Ambitious brands that want an equally ambitious communications and technology partner. Brands choose us because we care as much about their customers as they do.

Money & Perks

We provide a competitive salary and benefits package that’s equal to the skills and experience you bring to the table. Extended health and dental is also provided. Coverage for families is available for the right candidates.

We also provide a learning stipend for books, training, and software. We have coffee, filtered water, beers, and snacks that recently took on a chip-focus due to undue influence by a vocal minority.

The phones stop ringing during the holidays, so you’ll get an extended Christmas break that don’t count against your vacation days. If you need to deal with personal stuff or need a powder day because it snowed 6 inches last night…we’re cool with that.


Recently someone told me that we were known around the city as “the dog agency”. We’re ok with that. I mean we don’t deny that we love dogs, and the benefits of having them around are borne out by the research. But if you’re not comfortable with dogs, this might not be the best landing spot for you.

Currently Chip and Bax are full timers, while Charlie and Jasper are part time. We can’t accommodate any more full timers, but we may still have room for a part timer assuming they can do some filing or send an email from time to time. Or if he/she can just avoid chewing the coffee table books, that’s probably good.

Grab A Dog Bandana





Want to work here?

Check out our open positions and send your resume if you qualify. If there are no open positions, you should still send us your resume because we’re always keen to meet talented people who could be a fit in the future. We really appreciate you taking the time to apply, but we aren’t able to respond to every submission. No phone calls please.

We also want to hear from you, contractors – especially Designers, Creative Directors, Developers, Copy Writers, Photographers, and Digital Marketing Strategists.

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