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Not going say we’re the greatest company to work for, because, well that should be a huge red flag for you. And certainly there are sexy software companies and app developers out there with the resources to recruit talent that a small company like us doesn’t have.

But what we can promise you is a strong culture that values close relationships and human interaction. Everyone here likes each other, and we work together really well. We like to think that people feel that the first day on the job. Here, you’ll be part of a family, and you’ll actually enjoy coming to work and interacting with your fellow coworkers. And dogs, there’s always a few dogs around, who really lighten things up.

We’ve worked with some incredible travel experiences. Our senior team have come face to face with lions and elephants, gotten barreled on a private reef in Indonesia, hung out on Marlon Brando’s private island, and dined in some of the most distinguished restaurants in the world. We’re not saying everyone who works here will do this stuff. But if you have a passion for travel and work your way up in this company, it’s going to be a part of your work life.

As you’ve noticed by now, we’ve positioned ourselves as experts in marketing luxury brands in travel and hospitality; and we’ll be narrowing our specialization even further over the next few years.


Surely you’ve noticed the commoditization of what we do that’s happening around you, and the erosion of your trade. That’s why we decided years ago that we would tighten our focus and become experts in this industry. But in order to do this successfully, we need talented people. We need smart people who want to become experts rather than generalists.

Our values? Pretty simple. Be smart, be practical, and think critically. You’ll have a lot of autonomy working here, but we do maintain a culture of accountability. We’re also looking for people who have values that reflect those of the company. That’s why we have a preference for candidates with a passion for travel; we’ve found this alignment strengthens our culture and work.

We care a lot about work life balance. So we’ll spare you the cliche about making your work your passion in life. Don’t get me wrong, we love what we do; we wouldn’t be here otherwise. But we cannot all be Elon Musk or Richard Branson. Work is a utilitarian purpose we engage in in order to do more of the things that we’re truly passionate about.

We get it. So we respect your passion outside of work and foster a work environment that makes room for them.


Wallop Map
The Office

Our office is located in beautiful Vancouver BC, between the downtown financial district and Gastown. We’ve got a nice view of the water and mountains. Waterfront Station – home to the Skytrain, Canada Line, and West Coast express – is two blocks away. There’s a lot of lunch and coffee options nearby, or you can eat here and play Mario Cart with the dev team.

Some our our favorites
lunch destinations are:

The Company we Keep

We work with elite brands from all over the world, with a focus on travel and hospitality. Ambitious brands that want an equally ambitious communications and technology partner. Brands choose us because we care as much about their customers as they do. Here are some of brands we work with:

Money & Other Things


We provide a competitive salary that’s commensurate with your experience. Extended health and dental is provided by Pacific Blue Cross. Coverage for families is available too.

We also have a learning stipend for books, training, and software. We have free coffee, water, soft drinks, beers sporadically, and all the snacks you can eat.


We sit on Steelcase Amias and work on iMacs. There’s a locked bike room downstairs, and we’re right next to a park.

Years ago we noticed that the phones stop ringing around the holidays, so you’ll get extended Christmas holidays that don’t count against your vacation time. If you need a powder day from time to time, or need to deal with personal stuff – no sweat.



Right now Chip prowls these parts, and Jasper visits from time to time – but we may have an opening for one more dog. We’re actually quite fond of dogs.


Junior Consultant


Outside Council


Check out our open positions and send us your resume if you qualify – but we strongly encourage you to send us your resume regardless because we’re always keen to meet talented people who may be a fit here now or in the future. We really appreciate you taking the time to apply but we are not able to respond to every submission due to volume. No phone calls please.

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We also want to hear from you, contractors – especially designers, developers, writers, photographers, and digital marketing strategists!