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Check out our open positions and send your resume if you qualify. If don’t see any, you should still send us your resume using the “Future Openings” link below, because we’re always keen to meet talented people who should be working here in the future. We really appreciate you taking the time to apply, but we aren’t able to respond to every submission. No phone calls please.

This is Wallop’s general job opening application. If you do not see a job opening that fits what you’re looking for, but think you would be a great fit, we encourage you to send us your resume. We also want to hear from you, freelancers!

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Why Wallop?


Businesses have a higher obligation to its people and community at large, which go beyond profits. And you have needs that go beyond wages and experience. So we like to think that our business exists to be in service to you and the world around you. These are both altruistic goals we aspire to.

For people that work here, we have an organizational committment to develop our employees for long term growth, beyond the current job. We are building a culture of high performance and autonomy, which emphasizes deep work, focus, higher efficiency, and more time for things outside of work. 

For the community and world around us, we support organizations that dedicate themselves to make the world a better place through allocation of time and resources. Travel has a deleterious impact on the environment, and we raise awareness and mitigate its harm through targeted advocacy.

We are experts

We’re always looking for ways to narrow our focus, because strong positioning allows agencies to thrive. There are 5 million results for “digital agency” in Google. Hundreds of thousands of generalist agencies that work broadly across industries and specializations that compete with one another. They all look, talk, and act the same.

But here’s the thing: in every industry, the greatest challenges are tackled by specialists. This is why specialists work in a bigger geographic area with more sophisticated clients who are not seeking “do everything” (full service) agencies. And contrary to a widely held belief among agencies, there is no “creativity premium” from working with generalists. They are learning on the job, on the client’s dime. It’s better to do less “wheel building” and more acute problem-solving. For you, as a professional, this means knowledge that’s deeper and narrower, greater challenges, and better fulfillment.

Working remotely

People at Wallop are given autonomy to determine the most effective way they can get their work done. For most, this means working remotely, part or full time. While there may never be a virtual replacement for things that happen in the office, we provide the tools and workflow that narrow the gaps for those who work outside of the office. 

We provide our employees with a Macbook Pro and monitor, along with a home office budget so you are comfortable and productive at home. The physical office is set up with hot desks, monitors, and plenty of meeting space. Our view is that there is work that requires collaboration more suited for an office environment, and work that requires focus more should be done at home, or wherever there are less distractions. 

Yup, we’re small

This is a small company, and it’ll stay that way. We used to be a production team before we became specialists, but now we operate more like a consultancy. This is work that requires critical thinking. It’s highly intentioned and tailored to every engagement. The future is uncertain, but we’re designing our enterprise to be as robot-proof as we can.

Things you should know

Here are some travel size tidbits about working here.


We are committed to fair hiring practices, cultural sensitivity, and inclusivity across all sexes, religions, and sexual orientations. We expect our employees and candidates to live by the same values and principles.

Work Life Balance

It’s ok if data modelling isn’t your passion in your personal life. We respect that. That’s why we foster a work environment, culture, and flexibility that makes room for your passions outside of work.


We like dogs, yes. So if your dog is nice, not barky, and open to some paperwork, bring him with you to the office. You’ll be happy to know there’s a dog-friendly beach (Crab Park) only a block away.

Money & Perks

We provide a competitive salary, extended health and dental, health spending account, home office stipend and extended Christmas holidays that don’t count against your vacation days.

Room to Grow

We’ll provide you with the training, but we encourage and support our employees to extend their skills with educational and learning opportunities, and internal learning initiatives. We also encourage our employees to attend seminars and local knowledge sharing events.


We have fun. We won’t make you, but we’d sure like it if you pulled yourself away from the screen for some offline fun. Some of our usual things include beach days, team lunches, game nights, movie screenings, running events, and bike rides. All coordinated masterfully by our social committee.

The company we keep

We work with brands from all over the world, mostly those that sell experiential or unique travel products in the luxury market. Ambitious brands that want an equally ambitious communications and technology partner. Brands choose us because we care as much about results as they do.

Map of clients locations
Map of the earth
  • Within the Wild Alaska, USA
  • The Brando Tetiaroa, French Polynesia
  • Singita Grumeti, Tanzania
  • Bushtops Camps Siana, Kenya
  • Lebua Bangkok, Thailand
  • Lebua Lake Okareka, New Zealand
  • Lebua Corbett, India
  • Langara Fishing Adventures Haida Gwaii, Canada
  • Groupe Antonopoulos Montreal, Canada
  • The Ranch at Rock Creek Idaho, USA
  • Royal Champagne Champillon, France
  • Graduate Hotels Illinois, USA
  • Scenic Cruises British Colombia, Canada
  • Pacific Beachcomber Washington, USA
  • Bunkhouse Group Texas, USA
  • Easton Porter Virgina, USA
  • Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant Quebec, Canada
  • Blue Mountain Ontario, Canada
  • Zingerman’s Cornman Farms Michigan, USA

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