Giving Back

Sustainability is a core value for the team at Wallop. And we are keenly aware of the impact that travel and hospitality has on environment. That’s why we joined 1% for the Planet, a global organization that connects companies with environmental nonprofits.

Here are the four nonprofits we are currently supporting through the program. Each exists to counteract the harmful impact of travel and to preserve natural environments for future generations.



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Most of our clients are one-of-a-kind travel and hospitality brands that feel they need to improve, parts or all of, their digital marketing and design systems.

We are often engaged by hotel owners, management companies, brands etc. to improve direct revenue performance through our signature blend of strategy, storytelling, design, and advertising.

Really quite friendly. It’s the people that our employees consistently cite as their favourite thing about working at Wallop. We try to find team members that value inclusivity, expertise and a passion for travel.

Since Covid, we are now fully remote with a smaller private office at WeWork in downtown Vancouver. All employees are provided with the option of working in the WeWork location closest to them, or any coworking space of their choosing.

We have a culture that promotes deep work, so we ask our employees to match their work with a venue that’s appropriate. For example, brainstorms and collaborations are better done in person at the office, while focused work should happen at home in a private workspace.

The company was founded in 2004. On the team, we have a nice mix wisdom and youthful energy.

It depends. If you’re a smart person with a passion for travel, this could be a great landing spot for you. See the openings here: