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3 Useful AI Tools for Digital Marketing in 2023

We’re All Waiting for the Next Big Thing It is easy to speak of the exponential nature and potential of…

Why OTAs Aren’t the Only Threat to Hotel Occupancy

Over the years we’ve been supporting independent hotels and resorts tackle a multitude of challenges, the largest of which always…

The Unseen Power of Story in Culture & Commerce

The Universal Language of Stories Throughout human history, storytelling has served as the social glue that binds communities, civilizations, and…

The 10 Most Common Hospitality Website Mistakes

In the realm of luxury travel and hospitality, crafting a compelling online presence is crucial. Your hotel website isn’t just…

Key Takeaways From the Second Quarter of 2023

That’s the first half of 2023 done and Q3 is upon us. We’ve already reflected on the trends we saw…

Understanding GA4 Part Three: How To Create a GA4 Property (and Other Important Tricks)

GA4 is upon us as of July 1st, and we’re back with another instalment of our Google Analytics 4 series….


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