Travel is in our blood

Wallop and its partners are driven by a shared enthusiasm for travel, anchored by a belief in its transformative power. Together, we recognize that new experiences and perspectives fosters learning, personal enrichment and the unlocking of new potential.

Different roads, same destination


Our Vancouver-based team is made up of folks from all over the world. We’re proud to be an organization that promotes diversity, inclusion and a passion for travel.

Andreanna Mazereeuw

Managing Director


Stephen Saugestad


Stefan G

Director of Digital Production


Linda Rohrer

Director of Sales

Christine Bhatt

Director of Finance


Laura Wrubleski

Lead Designer

Laura Cooper

Lead Developer

Bella Taylor

Project Management Lead

Allie Ruddell

Digital Strategy Manager

Martin Glegg

Creative Director
Wallop Film

Matthew Dix

Director of Photography
Wallop Film