Travel is in our blood.

It’s true of humans as a species, and of Wallop as a team.

The impulse to discover new places—to explore new frontiers—is hard-wired. “The great affair,” Louis Stevenson said, “is to move.” Has been for as long as humans have had two legs to walk on.

Today, we call that travel.

Whether we’re exploring faraway places or ones closer to home, whether we’re taking epic journeys or tiny jaunts. Whether our adventures are adrenaline-pumping or low-key, our stays are five-star or shoestring.

Travel is about exploring something new—a new place, perspective, and skill about stepping outside our usual frame of reference and venturing outside our comfort zone.

Travel wakes us up. Shakes us up. Breaks us free from monotony and routine. Takes us off the well-worn tracks of our everyday lives, if only for a weekend. It challenges us. Stretches us. Invites us to grow.

It gives us a good reason to put down our phones and see what—and who—is right in front of us. (Because in our heart of hearts we believe that we’re all looking to do less scrolling and more living.)

We believe travel is one of the best ways to spend the most precious thing any of us has—time—doing what matters most: connecting with other people. Our family, old friends. And new ones too.

Never have we been more certain that travel, in its many forms, is important. That it makes us better. And, done well—with greater intention—travel has the power to make the world better too.

As travellers and humans, we’re happy that our work plays a part, however small, in inspiring people to see more of the world.