Wallop is thrilled to partner with the Independent Lodging Congress as a Platinum Sponsor. The 3 day event will be held in Brooklyn, NY from October 4-6. If you’re in the hotel industry, you should definitely consider making the trip to Williamsburg. More info here.

Martin Glegg, Partner & Creative Director at Wallop Film, will be on stage as part of the panel discussion on incorporating experiential travel in hospitality, offering his insights on the role of video, imagery and storytelling in helping luxury travel brands cut through the proverbial noise.

We don’t normally do the whole conference sponsorship thing. You won’t see us dressed up in tuxedos, accepting overpriced awards. We don’t really do expensive sponsored content campaigns either. We just send bandanas to people’s dogs – #dogsofwallop and generally prefer to let people find us through the work we put out on the web and through referrals from our clients.

The longer I’ve been in the industry, the less I find value in typical hotel marketing conferences. Most of them are just echo chambers.

The ILC is different. It’s got a great mix of people from different segments of the industry – finance, architecture, operations, marketing, etc. It’s kind of like hosting a party, you need to have a good mix. The team behind the conference understands this.

I spoke on the digital marketing pnel at the very first ILC, a few years back in 2013. The inaugural ILC was held at the Rittenhouse Hotel in Philadelphia. I’m excited to come back, after watching the conference evolve under Andrew’s guidance and commitment over the past 4 years.

Hope to see you in Brooklyn.

A Guide to Web Font Providers

Design, Digital Marketing, Hospitality, Video

A few years ago, before web fonts became the standard for websites and other digital applications, users were either limited to a handful of web-safe fonts or were forced to convert existing desktop fonts into pseudo web fonts using some sketchy plugins. Nowadays, most fonts available for purchase on sites like myfonts.com give the user the option to purchase a web font version. These fonts that are optimized for the web ensure that they are rendered as sharply as possible on your websites. 

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