Increase Emotional Connections to Travellers

Stephen Saugestad, June 19, 2019
Digital MarketingHospitalityMarket ResearchStrategy

Brands that make an emotional connection to their customers have greater success and earn a higher customer lifetime value (LTV) than ones that miss the mark.

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Think Long Term and
Sweat the Small Stuff

If you want to build long-term value for your brand, you have to step back look at the big picture.

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Increase the Resonance of Your Brand with Luxury Travellers

Stephen Saugestad, March 2, 2019
Digital MarketingHospitalityMarket ResearchStrategy

Travellers in the luxury market have different motivations than the average traveller. Aligning your brand, product and services with these motives will increase your resonance with this demographic.

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Accessibility or Inclusivity? The Right Approach to ADA Compliance

There’s a big difference between making digital experiences accessible and making them inclusivity.

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Using value alignment
instead of personas

Stephen Saugestad, January 5, 2019
Digital MarketingPersonasStrategy

Personas do a poor job of representing demographically diverse but homogenous users. We say that a focus on values provides a much better foundation to build a solution around.

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What travel & hospitality brands need to know about GDPR

Stephen Saugestad, April 6, 2018
Digital MarketingHospitalityStrategy

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is an upcoming regulation in the EU that was created to protect data and privacy for EU citizens. It comes into effect on the 25th of May.

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Tell Me a Story: The Magic of Data Storytelling

Andreanna Mazereeuw, March 19, 2018
Digital MarketingStrategy

Data facilitates understanding. Storytelling facilitates emotion. Learn how you can bring these two worlds together to better enlighten and engage your audience.

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Bing Ads – A Surprising AdWords Alternative

Michael Owen, February 2, 2018
Digital MarketingStrategy

Are you advertising on Google AdWords? Have you also considered Bing Ads? Bing offers a proven and growing alternative, or addition to, Google’s AdWords.

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Page Speed: Patience is a Virtue that You Shouldn’t Count On

Andreanna Mazereeuw, November 7, 2017
DevelopmentDigital MarketingSEO

Have you ever visited a website only to have it take what feels like ages to load? I certainly have. While I’d love to say that patience is among my many virtues, it’s not. The longer a page takes to load, the more likely I am to abandon it.

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SSL Certificates and SEO – Are They Necessary?

Michael Owen, August 24, 2017
Digital MarketingSEOStrategy

Google recently began contacting website owners directly through Search Console (formerly Google’s Webmaster Tools) with a somewhat cryptic message about Google Chrome security warnings and SSL Certificates.

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We’re headed to Brooklyn

Ryan Clarke, August 22, 2017
DesignDigital MarketingHospitalityVideo

Martin will discuss the role of video and storytelling in marketing experiential travel brands at the Independent Lodging Congress in Brooklyn.

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Facebook ads: growing potential or burst bubble?

Mark Voller, April 19, 2017
Digital MarketingSocial Media

Facebook’s seen its fair share of controversy lately. But what does this mean for luxury travel brands? Take a look at Facebooks current advertising offering and explore it’s growing (yet controversial) potential.

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The best kind of email to get from a client

Ryan Clarke, February 12, 2017
DesignDigital MarketingHospitalityVideo

“We are doing great sales from the website and the films in particular are helping to sell the dream. The loop on the homepage is the crown of it all. We love it!”

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3 Key Takeaways from the Q3 Google Partners Connect

Kristen Poskitt, September 29, 2016
Digital MarketingMicro-momentsMobile

The key theme of the Partners Connect presentation was mobile. Insights included consumer behaviour, micro-moments, and the opportunities with mobile experiences. We’ve summarized the 3 most compelling takeaways and relevant resources.

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The Changing Landscape of Marketing Budget Allocation

Salvador Daswani, September 26, 2016
Digital MarketingStrategy

As a marketer of a luxury hotel, you’ve likely struggled with how to allocate your digital marketing budget. There are some interesting challenges around how to spend those precious digital marketing dollars.

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Remarketing in the Travel Industry

Salvador Daswani, June 16, 2016
Deep InsightDigital MarketingHospitality

What if I told you there was something you’re exposed to multiple times a day, without even realizing it?

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Five Lessons from the Google Performance Summit

Kristen Poskitt, May 31, 2016
Digital MarketingMobileStrategy

A global audience of marketers attended or watched the livestream of the Google Performance Summit on May 24 2016.

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