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3 Useful AI Tools for Digital Marketing in 2023

We’re All Waiting for the Next Big Thing

It is easy to speak of the exponential nature and potential of machine learning in artificial intelligence (AI). Despite how magical it all seems, we are still only in the infancy of its practical applications. We hear about AI from tech-hungry billionaires, we hear about AI from every startup trying to leverage it in new ways, and we hear about AI from aging mannequins on cable news. AI in its current form will not be replacing human careers built on social skills and creativity, at least not anytime soon. Yet there are unfathomable applications for how AI can help enhance human creativity and productivity through three basic ideas: text generation, image generation, and automation.


Yes, the Microsoft text generation AI is a part of their often ridiculed search engine, Bing. No, it is not as bad as you are likely imagining. Bing incorporates a GPT-4 model and it is completely free. Text generation is going to be fairly similar no matter which of the big-name tools you choose but unlike ChatGPT-4 Plus, Bing is connected to the internet so you can ask it about current topics. Any of the AI chatbots will also have the disadvantage of sometimes providing bogus information so don’t rely on any of them for historical accuracy. The only real disadvantage that comes with Bing is that you have to use the Microsoft Edge browser to access the full version.


If you’re not careful, five minutes can quickly turn into two hours when you’re using MidJourney. Not because it takes long to find an image that suits your needs or that you like but because it produces so much impressive imagery that you simply want to continue looking at more of it. The hyperrealism of some of what AI image generation can produce is startling. Make sure that you are as detailed as possible when writing your image prompts and that you are familiar with the proper commands to make the most out of this extraordinary AI tool.


If you’re looking to increase efficiency when producing content for social media like TikTok or Instagram, Vidyo.ai will be your new best friend. This automation tool lets you upload a longer video or paste a YouTube link and quickly produce short clips with AI-generated captions. It is the perfect tool for any creative marketer looking to free up time in their busy day to focus more on what’s most important, the customer experience.

The Skynet Possibility

There is little doubt that AI is useful and can increase productivity in your workday but it is always important to consider the limitations of this technology. AI won’t be replacing humans anytime soon but its progress even within the last five years is both astounding and terrifying. We hear about stories of AI nearly every day in the modern world, whether it’s warnings of a Skynet domination or a prosperous utopia where nobody has to work laborious jobs and humanity is designated to purely creative endeavours, both are equally fictional. Nonetheless, AI has still helped countless industry professionals free up time in their tightly packed schedules to focus on the most important task, the customer experience.

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