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The Movies & TV Shows Inspiring Us To Travel

We’ve all been there. Sat on the sofa, watching something on TV that makes us immediately grab our phones and Google the place it’s set.

We’re talking about “TV tourism”.

Growth in searches for Sicily via Google Trends

Travel inspired by TV and movies is prevalent. Just take the Yellowstone effect: demand for rural locations, and cabin and ranch style accommodation, has continued to grow thanks to the hit show Yellowstone. We’ve seen it firsthand with many of the ranches we work with.

So we had to ask our Wallop team what TV shows and movies have given them the travel bug.

The White Lotus Season 2

Harry was in awe of Sicily in season 2, and he wasn’t alone. Take a look at the significant increase in searches for Sicily after the first episode of The White Lotus season two. Year-on-year, search volume for Sicily grew 49%.


Annual growth in Sicily searches via Google Keyword Planner

Disney’s The Princess & The Frog

Andrew’s The Princess & the Frog inspired travel wishes came true just last year thanks to Triptease choosing New Orleans as the destination for their 2022 Direct Booking Summit.

Andrew and Linda in New Orleans' French Quarter.


To cooler climbs, the rugged landscape of Outlander has given Chelsea some Scotland-focused wanderlust.

Jurassic Park

The lush forests and jagged mountains of Kauai put it firmly on Gemma’s bucket list. A study by PhotoAid found that Hawaii was the most desirable film tourism destination in the U.S. thanks to Jurassic Park.

Gemma in Kauai, Hawaii

Mamma Mia 2

While the movie itself is far from amongst Andreanna’s top movies, the way it showcased its filming location of Croatia got her very excited for her spring 2022 trip there.

Andreanna on a scooter in Croatia.

And here are a few other bucket list destinations thanks to some great movies and tv shows.

New Mexico

Thanks to Breaking Bad, says Ali, one of our Account Managers.

New Mexico, USA

Barcelo Puerto Vallarta

Thanks to Acapulco on Apple TV, says Pavla, one of our Digital Strategists.

Barceló Puerto Vallarta


Thanks to the Olsen twins’ classic movie, Passport to Paris, says Caroline, one of our Developers.

So, got any guesses on what tv or movie hit of 2023 could inspire the next wave of travel?