Increase Emotional Connections to Travellers

Stephen Saugestad, June 19, 2019
Digital MarketingHospitalityMarket ResearchStrategy

Brands that make an emotional connection to their customers have greater success and earn a higher customer lifetime value (LTV) than ones that miss the mark.

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Think Long Term and
Sweat the Small Stuff

If you want to build long-term value for your brand, you have to step back look at the big picture.

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Increase the Resonance of Your Brand with Luxury Travellers

Stephen Saugestad, March 2, 2019
Digital MarketingHospitalityMarket ResearchStrategy

Travellers in the luxury market have different motivations than the average traveller. Aligning your brand, product and services with these motives will increase your resonance with this demographic.

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Accessibility or Inclusivity? The Right Approach to ADA Compliance

There’s a big difference between making digital experiences accessible and making them inclusivity.

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Accessibility & Website Compliance

Nick Adkins, November 28, 2018
AccessibilityHospitalityMarket ResearchStrategy

Recently there’s been a growing concern over website accessibility. We are often asked what it takes to be compliant with the current WCAG 2.0 and (upcoming) 2.1. Here at Wallop, we’ve crafted a thorough three-step process to meet this demand for travel and hospitality clients.

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The Storytelling Effect

Stephen Saugestad, March 29, 2018
Market ResearchStrategy

Storytelling – it’s been around for ages, and the vehicle we’ve used to record a lot of that history. It’s endured and effective in almost every industry because of its qualities.

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Why people choose
Airbnb over hotels

Stephen Saugestad, June 30, 2017
HospitalityMarket Research

Though I have a vested interest in supporting hotels (I run an agency that works primarily with a lot of hotels), I often stay in an Airbnb when I’m paying for travel. The reasons are common among people who use Airbnb. There are some great takeaways for Hoteliers, so I’ll outline them in this post.

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Airbnb Now and
Where It’s Going

Stephen Saugestad, February 10, 2017
Market ResearchStrategy

In this article we examine the current state of Airbnb, its impact on the market, and where it’s going.

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Luxury Travel Insights Series: Part One

Kristen Poskitt, November 29, 2016
Luxury TravelMarket ResearchPersonasStrategy

Luxury travel is a $350 billion industry. This niche sector is extremely valuable, so what can you do to reach affluent travelers? We’ve curated data about UHNW individuals to help luxury hoteliers inspire travel to their properties.

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One Thing I Took Away From the Skift Forum

A singular theme stuck with me after the Skift Forum in NYC last month: the robots are here, and they are bringing their friends. It was made abundantly clear, during those 2 days at The Lincoln Centre, that personalization through Artificial Intelligence and voice-based search will fundamentally change the way human beings search for, purchase, and experience travel.

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