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How Our Clients Celebrate The Earth Every Day

As a company who’s niche is in the travel and hospitality industry, we’re no strangers to the toll travel takes on the environment. We also have a deep appreciation for the world and its wonderful environment.

We’re proud of our membership to 1% for the Planet and our support of a number of fantastic charitable organizations that share these values, such as the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund, OceanWise and Sustainable Travel.

But enough about us. We thought this Earth Day a perfect opportunity to take a look at how some of our clients have incorporated earth-friendly practices into their business’ day-to-day.

Pacific Beachcomber

Pacific Beachcomber is a leading luxury hotel and cruise provider in French Polynesia, and are true leaders in sustainable hospitality. Respect and care for the islands’ environment and unique heritage is held dear to the heart of the organization and the actions they take across all of their brands, ensuring visitors have plenty of opportunities to learn about and experience Polynesian culture.

“To truly love a place is to want to protect it.”

Their InterContinental Bora Bora & Thalasso Spa was the first property in the world to successfully implement SWAC, otherwise known as Sea Water Air Conditioning. Sea Water Air Conditioning is a form of freely available renewable energy, using a naturally occurring, cold water reservoir to provide air conditioning to buildings.

The Ranch at Rock Creek

The Ranch at Rock Creek is the world’s first Forbes Travel Guide five-star guest ranch, but make no mistake – their roots as a working ranch are strong and their ties to the community in Phillipsburg, Montana are stronger. 

From eliminating single-use plastics on their property to a serious decrease in motor vehicle traffic on-site, The Ranch at Rock Creek is working hard to preserve Montana’s natural beauty while promoting sustainable tourism. Spearheaded by their sustainability department, the Ranch has taken steps to protect the bountiful waterways winding through their property.

In 2019, fish screens were installed “on irrigation diversions on our four miles of private access on Rock Creek. Installing a screen at the headgate, prevents fish from getting stuck in the ditch.” Volunteers from The Ranch at Rock Creek have removed three tons of trash and recyclables from the Clark Fork River and 800 pounds from Rock Creek – they’re moving on to the Georgetown Lake and Biterroot River next.

Within the Wild

Within the Wild, a group of adventure lodges in the remote and beautiful Alaskan wildlife, takes great care to give back to the environment. Rest assured that a stay at their Tutka Bay and Winterlake Lodges’ includes fantastic views, thoughtfully-sourced cuisine and a healthy dose of adventure.

“Stay close to nature… it will never fail you.”

Each lodge contains only six guest accommodations and leaves as small an ecological footprint as possible. There’s fresh spring water available at their Tutka Bay Lodge, paired with Alaska fish, proteins and non-perishables sourced directly from local farmers. 

Food waste from both lodges is given to a local farmer for composting and use as feed for animals, while used cooking oil and spent batteries are sent to a reclamation center. Did we mention their own high-tunnel greenhouse is used to grow their own organic harvest?

Bushtops Camps

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the Serengeti or the rolling hills of Kenya? Bushtops Camps afford guests exactly that, with each of their family-run safaris enveloped by unique and awe-inspiring wildlife. Watch and learn from wildebeest migrations and zebra in their millions in the most magnificent of surroundings.

“Today, our historic locations, wild encounters and Bushtops campfires help guests reconnect with our shared history and what really matters to all of us: nature, people, time – and the human spirit.”

Bushtops Camps partner with local tribes and play an active role in their communities, investing in both conservation and education to work together towards a mutually sustainable future. These projects are funded by the 10,000 acre Conservancy at Mara Bushtops, for which management plans and a code of conduct was created in discussion with village elders and with respect for their timeless rights.

One of the best parts of traveling is the ability to immerse yourself in a new culture, and this Earth Day, we’re proud of our clients for inspiring such appreciation of their local environment and for playing their part in keeping it safe. Let’s take this reminder to show a little gratitude to our planet today!