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2014 – Year in Review

Year 10 was a good one (and so was the party). Our studio is producing some of its best work to date, we’ve got some amazing talent on board, and some great projects in the portfolio and pipeline.

I’m really happy with where we’re going. Here’s a quick look back on the last year.


We have shifted focus – or more accurately we’ve re-focused our focus. Technology has continued to fragment over the last few years, and as a result the needs of our clients have become increasingly broad. In response, we keep pace with the needs of our client by specializing in the things we’re good at. Namely, three core offerings: responsive websites, digital advertising, and film production for high-end hotels and resorts. Of course, there’s exceptions to this rule – like the coffee table book we made for The Brando.

Wallop Film

You may have noticed more film work coming out of our studio in the last year. This is because we decided to bring film production in-house through our sister company, Wallop Film. So all film and video work is now produced under our roof.

Wallop Film is a partnership with a talented filmmaker, Martin Glegg. Under his guidance, we tell compelling stories for hospitality and lifestyle brands using the immersive power of film. This year, we also started doing aerial shots with our drone – an exciting addition to our arsenal – see it in action here.

Digital Marketing

For many years, we relied on an outside partnership for search engine optimization and paid search-marketing. However, we decided it made sense to bring it in-house, given the extent to which this work is linked to the planning and strategy phase of our web projects.

To lead the charge, we brought in Graeme McLaughlin as our senior digital strategy lead. He is an accomplished digital marketer with many years of targeted experience managing campaigns for hospitality clients, and a regular speaker at marketing conferences around the world. Many of you have already interacted with Graeme. He will be overseeing the growth of a small team that manages organic and paid search campaigns on a day-to-day basis.

Art & Science 

Since day one, we’ve positioned ourselves as an agency that puts equal focus on art and science in the development of digital marketing for hotels. Bringing film production and digital advertising in-house goes a long way in helping us keep this promise. Producing strong creative is always the priority, but with our recent expansion in services, we’re able to provide a more balanced approach that puts a focus on analytics, results and long-term optimization.

Looking ahead

We’ve already broken ground on some exciting projects to end the year, and we’re excited to get back from holidays and back to work.

See you next year.