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The State of Mobile + Travel

If you haven’t invested in a custom and intuitive mobile experience, you’re losing almost 50% of your potential revenue. Mobile created a new channel (and dependence) for consumers, and has forever changed consumer behaviour and the entire path to purchase.

The typical path from research → engagement → purchase has been completely disrupted by smartphones. As a result, CMOs are faced with a quickly evolving channel to find and convert new guests. Does your hotel have a mobile strategy? What message are you sending to your potential guests when they’re researching on mobile? Are you measuring those efforts?

Present State of Connected Travel

Consumers are now jumping between devices, as part of their research process, based on what’s convenient for them. This device-fractured behaviour has created micro-moments, which are in themselves small opportunities for a brand to stand out and make an impact. 75% of consumers are starting an activity on one device and then finishing it on another (Think With Google). Whether it’s sequential or simultaneous, 90% of consumers are using multiple screens for everyday activities, including hotel bookings (Google/IPSOS). The data below shows how smartphones have directly and significantly impacted the travel industry: