New people

We’re excited to introduce the newest member of our studio, Project Manager and Producer, Pippa Stowell. If you’re starting a new project with us, you will meet her during the planning phase as she will guide you through the process to launch. Hailing from London, she has many years of experience managing web and film projects. Owing to a recent epiphany, she made the move to BC to do more snowboarding. In no uncertain terms, she shreds (that’s her in the picture). But if we’re being honest, it’s the accent that got her the gig.

Based on our recent growth, it was clear we needed a senior person in this role to keep our projects on time and budget. In a recent survey among our existing accounts, people told us they want more streamlined communication. While we still foster direct communication with people that are doing the actual work for the sake of expediency, everything else now flows through Pippa.

New tools

But Pippa’s not the only new part of our team. After testing out a few different options, we’ve settled on DoneDone as our bug-tracking solution. They are a cool start-up out of Chicago that recently undertook a complete interface redesign. We still use Basecamp for our general project management and scheduling, but designing in a multi-screen world means there are bugs that arise as changes are made to a live website leading up to launch. DoneDone helps us keep track of and assign very detailed descriptions of things that need to be fixed. With some of our clients, we’ve even given them access to create and assign tasks to our team. Now instead of sifting through a bunch of different emails, we have a tidy list of bugs that need squashing and clients are notified when the problem is ready to be re-tested.

A Guide to Web Font Providers


A few years ago, before web fonts became the standard for websites and other digital applications, users were either limited to a handful of web-safe fonts or were forced to convert existing desktop fonts into pseudo web fonts using some sketchy plugins. Nowadays, most fonts available for purchase on sites like give the user the option to purchase a web font version. These fonts that are optimized for the web ensure that they are rendered as sharply as possible on your websites. 

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