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Introducing Apparatus Digital

Wallop announces launch of performance marketing agency Apparatus Digital

New marketing agency brings online ads with high conversion rates to multiple sectors 

Wallop, a digital leader in independent luxury hospitality marketing, announced it will broaden its reach to additional market sectors using its newly launched performance marketing agency, Apparatus Digital. 

Leveraging its expertise in high conversion online advertising strategies, Apparatus delivers improved marketing results to knowledge-based organizations in education, training, and medical and financial services, among other vertical markets. 

According to Wallop principal Stephen Saugestad, Apparatus Digital reflects the ascendency of AI-based paid advertising as the lever offering the highest rate of return and greatest certainty among marketing alternatives. “Apparatus’s effectiveness is owing to our machine learning capability combined with our human expertise in the management of sales funnels”, according to Mr. Saugestad. 

Jonathan Alter, Founder and CEO of TruAlta and an early client of Apparatus Digital says, ”Apparatus has been a stellar digital marketing partner, helping us drive new users to our learning portals in targeted areas of the US and Canada”. TruAlta specializes in providing training content for caregivers to elders and has seen its user enrollments skyrocket under Apparatus.

The new company uses proprietary tools and techniques for initiating, optimizing and scaling digital advertising with the sole objective of increasing the quality and quantity of leads, registrations, transactions or whatever the business goals or KPIs might be.

Although Apparatus Digital leads with its advertising services, it also offers complementary marketing services such as SEO optimization, and content and web development.

Mr. Saugestad said that Apparatus Digital enables Wallop to redirect its successful travel and hospitality advertising services to other sectors without diluting its core brand.

According to a Spring, 2021, report by Price Waterhouse Consulting, digital advertising spending grew 12.2% year over year in 2020 despite an initial falloff due to the COVID pandemic. The report was commission by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and states that so great was the recovery that it the fourth quarter of 2020 in online ads grew by 28.7%

For more information please visit www.apparatusdigital.com or contact Mark Jodoin