Thoughts and industry insights from the Wallop team.

The Digital Landscape in a New World

Our Director of Marketing, Andreanna Mazereeuw, was recently interviewed by Heather Brown of Brown Marketing and Communications. She spoke with Heather about some of the trends she’s seeing in hospitality marketing and how hotel can prioritize their marketing activities into 2021.

Making Sense of Google Trends

Understanding what people are (and are not) searching for is more important than ever. Google Trends is a key tool for doing this. It offers you the advantage of looking at phrases you may never have focused on with paid ads or organic search. 

Page Speed: Patience is a Virtue that You Shouldn’t Count On

Have you ever visited a website only to have it take what feels like ages to load? I certainly have. While I’d love to say that patience is among my many virtues, it’s not. The longer a page takes to load, the more likely I am to abandon it.

SSL Certificates and SEO – Are They Necessary?

Google recently began contacting website owners directly through Search Console (formerly Google’s Webmaster Tools) with a somewhat cryptic message about Google Chrome security warnings and SSL Certificates.

Digital Marketing Trends for Luxury Hotels in 2015

Each year, we compile a list of digital marketing trends for luxury hotels. With the end of 2014 being as busy as it was, it must have slipped our mind.

Multiple domains VS directories

There’s a number of things you need to consider before choosing what’s right for your business.


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