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Good news: the Luxury Travel Burble is Bursting. Wait. What?

Not long ago I compared the recent experience of independent high-end hoteliers and luxury resort owners to ‘sky diving into…

Landing Softly after Skydiving into a Recession

A typical skydiver waits a minute before opening their parachute manually but not before falling 12,000 feet at a rate…

The Frighteningly Simple Ways Brands Can Tailor Their Strategy To Affluent Travelers Preferences

We put together a roundup of some frighteningly simple things luxury travel brands can do to appeal to affluent travelers.

Think Long Term and Sweat the Small Stuff

If you want to build long-term value for your brand, you have to step back look at the big picture.

Luxury Travel Insights Series: Part One

Luxury travel is a $350 billion industry. This niche sector is extremely valuable, so what can you do to reach affluent travelers? We’ve curated data about UHNW individuals to help luxury hoteliers inspire travel to their properties.


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