Authentic to Place, Ethical in Detail

Within The Wild is a family operation that grew out of a passion for the Alaskan wilderness back in 1982. It’s well known in the industry for its strong commitment to sustainability, innovations in local cuisine, and ethical wilderness experiences.

Wallop built a visually rich, immersive website for the company and manages an adventure-focused digital marketing program for its operations team.

The Challenge

Within The Wild is a very successful operation that’s achieved numerous accolades in the travel industry. Carl and Kristen Dixon, its founders, are highly accomplished individuals in their own crafts and well known in the adventure and cooking industries.

We were very keen to take on this opportunity because of the perfect fit with our focus and expertise. The challenges were very familiar to our team as we’ve helped many similar organizations over the years.

The first challenge we addressed was the website. The company had outgrown its website, which no longer kept pace with their needs or the technologies relied on by its customers.

There were also business problems that needed a digital solution. Their digital marketing and advertising was underdeveloped and needed a strategy built from the ground up. This was another engagement where digital maturity was low, and our job was to improve it.

The Results

We conducted an in-depth discovery, a digital and physical audit, and interviewed key staff. There was a very compelling story here about Carl and Kirsten Dixon, the founders. We paired this with our proprietary value alignment work for the brand, which became the foundation of our work.

Our production team built a custom theme for the website and rolled it out on our Boilerplate development framework. There were a lot of digital assets that were underutilized, and our creative team leveraged them to its full capacity across digital channels.

The digital marketing team designed a comprehensive strategy, and built new advertising accounts from the ground up. Tracking, data modelling, and analytics was paired with reporting and ongoing optimization.

The digital marketing program was designed to support the existing reservation infrastructure on the ground in Anchorage. The project was recently launched, and we’ve just implemented a tailored digital marketing program. We’re expecting some strong results in the first quarter.

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