Authentic to Place, Ethical in Detail

Within The Wild is a family operation that grew out of a passion for the Alaskan wilderness, back in 1982. It’s well known in the industry for its strong commitment to sustainability, innovative Alaskan cuisine, and thoughtful approach to wilderness adventure.

Wallop built a visually rich, immersive digital experience for the company and manages an adventure-focused digital advertising and performance marketing strategy.

The Challenge

Within The Wild’s founders, Carl and Kirsten Dixon, are highly accomplished leaders in their disciplines; Kirsten, an inspiring, world-class chef, and Carl, a legendary wilderness adventure guide.

Carl and Kirsten had been hearing from guests, who would arrive at the lodges by float plane, that “this is so much better than the website”. Their site had served them well for many years, but they needed something new, built from the ground up.

The digital challenges were familiar to our team, having helped many similar remote, luxury properties (safaris, ranches, private islands) over the years.

But more than build a website, our job was to improve their digital strategy, holistically. Like many operations in this category, all that website stuff can get put on the back burner in the day-to-day of running the back-country business. Our discovery also, strangely

The Results

After a discovery visit to Alaska to meet with key team members, and a few others, it was clear there was a very compelling story, and that we needed to keep Carl and Kirsten at the centre. We leveraged their story against the key learnings of our value alignment assessment. We also refined their brand identity, which helped build a foundation for the new design system.

Our design & development team built a custom front-end user experience on our Omakase development framework, leveraging WTW’s many available digital assets in the content strategy. Kirsten handled the writing effortlessly between appointments, appearances, and guest lecturing at Harvard Business School.

The digital marketing team implemented a comprehensive campaign strategy and tracking system from the ground up, which allows for detailed performance reporting and ongoing, organic optimization.

The campaigns have already seen some very outstanding results.

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