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In 1985 Bruce White established White Lodging with a single hotel and a singular vision – to provide incredible value and genuine care for associates, guests and owners. It’s a vision that has since inspired the steady and constant growth of the portfolio. More than 30 years later, White Lodging has now developed over 120 hotels and provides management services for more than 165 premium branded hotels and 30 restaurants across 19 states. It’s one of the largest hotel development and management companies in the U.S.

At the end of 2016, White Lodging was in the midst of a comprehensive rebranding process to attract the next cohort of young talent. The senior team at White Lodging approached Wallop to help tell their story on the web.

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The Challenge

Based on White Lodging’s growth trajectory, they knew they were going to need a lot of new employees in the next 5 years. Thousands, in fact. This was the primary goal of the project: attract and retain qualified graduates to help run White Lodging’s hotels. We wanted to apply the brand story digitally, in a way that spoke to the company’s next generation of leaders by highlighting career opportunities and providing an intuitive path through the learning and application process.

In addition to attracting new talent, we wanted to tell the right story to the community stakeholders, partners, and clients White Lodging will collaborate with as they continue to reshape the skylines and standard of hospitality in cities like Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Austin, and Louisville. The website also needed to clearly differentiate White Lodging’s development/investment and management divisions.

Lastly we wanted to say everything visually, and leverage the investment in photography, video, and branding. So our team set out to build a responsive digital experience that hit all these marks.

The Solution

We created something that looked, felt, and worked differently from what other hotel management companies were doing online. Because the target demographic was a diverse set of young, tech-savvy users, we were able to push some boundaries in the design by heavily leveraging video assets.

We delineated between Management and Development/Investment divisions by effectively building three home pages for the site. One that was company-wide, and two with content focused on users interested in either management or development. Visitors could either toggle between these pages or share distinct URLs in marketing collateral for more targeted introductory landing pages.

The aim of the design was to feel modern and sophisticated without without sacrificing page load speeds or obstructing the user experience. We wanted people to feel the spirit of the brand through the digital experience.

In order to grow their audience we designed a multi-pronged digital marketing strategy. This strategy will be refined and optimized as we continue to work with our partners at White Lodging.

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