Eco-Luxury in the Heart of the South Pacific

In 1967, Marlon Brando purchased the island of Tetiaroa, 50 miles north of Tahiti and vowed to preserve it for future generations. A few decades later, The Brando was built as the world’s foremost sustainable eco-luxury resort, where innovative technologies enable carbon-neutral luxury for guests, and the resort operations fund grants for visiting environmental scientists and cultural researchers.

The Brando is one of several properties the Wallop has worked with on behalf of parent company, Pacific Beachcomber.

A man and woman cycling on sand between palm trees at The Brando
A sea turtle in the ocean near The Brando resort

The Challenge

Wallop was brought in to design a site for pre-opening, one that The Brando team could feel confident directing people to in the months leading up to the July 2014 opening.

Our true, unspoken challenge was to create a digital strategy that would have convinced Marlon Brando himself to book a trip.

We needed to tell a story of the property that would persuade prospective guests to fly half way around the world and pay above average rates for private villas on the beach.

Because, believe us, it’s worth every penny.

Wallop immediately understood what we needed, and put together a design concept that we liked instantly. Working with Wallop has been smooth and easy, and we are delighted with the end product.

R. Bailey, Chairman & CEO

A drone view of The Brando island

The Results

Out of all the hotels we’ve worked with, we’re probably best known for this one. And we’re proud to see that the design has stood the test of time, becoming one of our longest standing sites.

We continue to work closely with the team in Tahiti, advising on ongoing upgrades, additions, organic optimization, tracking, and digital advertising strategy.

Our sister company, Wallop Film, spent 10 days on Tetiaroa in 2014, producing a series of short films that, like the website, have paid for themselves many times over.

You might try to tell us that a place like The Brando sells itself, but you can not say for sure that Barack and Michelle didn’t book their post-Presidency, month-long writing retreat here because they liked website and video so much.

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