The Brando

In 1967, Marlon Brando purchased the island of Tetiaroa and vowed to preserve it for future generations. Decades later, in 1999, Marlon Brando asked Richard Bailey, a local hotelier, to help him conceive a plan that would help Brando achieve his dream. Together, Brando and Bailey pursued a vision of creating the world’s foremost sustainable eco-luxury resort; an island where innovative new technologies would enable a self-sustaining luxury environment for hotel guests, residents and scientific research. The Brando is the legacy of that shared vision.

Although the website is for the resort, the story is really about the island. Once the viewer is captivated by the place, they will then see that the villas, restaurants, spa, will in themselves provide another reason to visit the resort.

Davey Awards - Silver

The Challenge

The first version of The Brando’s website was launched in haste, and it failed to do the one-of-a-kind destination justice. Soon after launch, Wallop was brought in to design something that The Brando team could feel confident directing people to in the months leading up to the July 2014 opening. Our unspoken challenge was to make something of which Marlon Brando himself would be proud.

The Approach

A story needed to be told that would intrigue the viewer and excite the potential guest about exploring the destination. In other words, we needed more than just a pretty face; we needed the personality. This is an exotic and enchanting destination and the viewer needs to feel this and want to explore it further.

The Results

We delivered a responsive website that fully leveraged the gorgeous imagery and provided a fitting vehicle for a compelling story. Our creative strategy was built to support the business goals, so we made sure there were no sacrifices around the digital marketing.

Our sister company, Wallop Film, shot, directed, and produced a short feature about Tetiaroa to be featured on the new website and provide a compelling accompaniment to further increase engagement and inspire awe.


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decrease in YOY bounce rate


increase in YOY average time on page


increase in YOY returning visitors

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