Cultivate Something Special

Southall Farm & Inn is a brand new resort amidst the rolling hills of historic Franklin, Tennessee. Since December of 2022, their working farm and inviting inn has offered incredible dining and spa experiences (along with beautiful celebrations) on 325 acres of lush farmland.

The Challenge

We partnered with Southall prior to their opening, working to develop a strong digital marketing strategy focused on awareness and conversions. The biggest challenge was generating anticipation before doors were open to the public, but with a strong strategy (developed with insight from Southall’s PR agency) leveraged across search, social, and display networks, we saw direct bookings come through 8 months before opening – with an 80% increase in conversion rate and a 600% increase in website revenue after their launch in December. 

The Results

Southall was able to open their doors in December with reservations on the books and a strong database of users who subscribed to their newsletter and on social media. Conversion rates for organic traffic increased by 400%; we now see a monthly search volume of 3,000 for their brand name only 4 months after opening, top search result positions for popular generic terms, and a return on search ad spend of 11:1.

With the use of their stunning imagery and video creative, we were able to reach quality traffic while the resort was still under construction. Social media was instrumental for Southall with over 48,000 followers gained on Instagram. After opening, we tested out TikTok – in 3 months, Southall’s page garnered 6,000 followers and 10,500 likes with a minimal investment. We were thrilled to hear from their Director of Sales & Marketing that two weeks after the TikTok ads launched, Southall received two large group bookings (who found them through the platform), with a return on ad spend of ~10,000:1.


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Increase in conversions from paid search after opening

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Increase in conversions from organic traffic after opening

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Increase in conversions from direct traffic after opening