True western luxury nestled under the Big Sky

The Ranch at Rock Creek was the world’s first Forbes five star ranch and has continued to get awarded this accolade year-after-year thanks to its devotion to providing guests with a quintessential Montana experience with true Western hospitality.

Seating area inside a wooden cabin at The Ranch At Rock Creek

The Challenge

With such a unique experience comes the challenge of communicating the inclusions, value and exclusivity of the offering.

Wallop has worked with The Ranch at Rock Creek on their last few websites and after five years on their last website, it was time for a refresh.

Some key considerations were:

  1. How do we showcase the all-inclusive nature of the experience?
  2. How do we present the rates of the different accommodation options?
  3. How do we ensure all of the important information is presented on the key pages used in marketing campaigns?
  4. How do we reduce the number of inquiries that are asking questions that could be answered within content on the website?
  5. How do we encourage more people to make bookings via the website?
Stirrups and horseback riding equipment hanging up at The Ranch At Rock Creek
A rodeo and crowds at The Ranch At Rock Creek

The Results

In the months since the website launched we saw a whole host of improvements in website engagement metrics, and the new website also allowed us to see improvements in the conversion coming through from our campaigns including seeing a 17% increase in booking revenue from Google Ads and a 245% increase year-on-year.

Even at three months post-launch we saw a 91% increase in website revenue and a 112% increase in booking conversion rate. This isn’t to say there is no further optimization of the website to do. Working with our clients and partners is an iterative process and we continue to work together on conversion rate optimization to allow the website to perform to its full potential.

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increase in booking revenue from Google Ads (YoY)

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increase in booking revenue from Google Ads (MoM)

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increase in booking revenue from organic website traffic (YoY)

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