Paul Gauguin Cruises

Paul Gauguin Cruises is an award-winning luxury cruise ship operator owned by Pacific Beachcomber, the leader in French Polynesian luxury destination resorts. They provide an exceptional cruise experience tailored to the unparalleled wonders of Tahiti, the South Pacific, and Fiji. We were thrilled to build on our first collaboration with Pacific Beachcomber, The Brando.

The Challenge

This was one of the most technically complex projects we’ve taken on as an agency. Wallop built a custom transactional website that runs on a number of custom Drupal modules on top of Resco, a third party booking platform with significant technical hurdles.

The previous website was dated and no longer reflected the brand, and did not support mobile devices. Its user experience was clunky and unintuitive, with a lot of friction along the booking path. The underlying framework didn’t play nicely with the existing third party booking engine and required a significant amount of maintenance and resources.

The Approach

Wallop delivered a comprehensive roadmap and technical blueprint and got to work. The first step was a lengthy wireframing and UX design process, followed by an iterative visual design process in close collaboration with the in-house creative team. Our technical team seamlessly integrated existing modules and built a new booking and CMS framework to accompany the tailored creative and UX.

We also built a new server that was scaled and optimized to manage high traffic volume and queries from Resco, their central reservation platform. Our digital marketing team made sure we increased visibility, tactility, and retained earned search engine equity, in addition to managing social media campaigns.

The Results

Wallop delivered a fast, responsive, and highly visual website that performed very strongly out of the gate. The new website is on-brand, and provides users with an intuitive, fast experience across all devices with significantly less friction. This resulted in a significantly increased user engagement, which is now exceeds the industry benchmark by 153%.

In order to increase visibility, and consequently conversions and bookings, an informed Facebook advertising strategy was developed and a comprehensive campaign was initiated. This campaign was built on an in-depth understanding of Paul Gauguin Cruises, it’s offerings and it’s target market. This understanding ensured that the value of every dollar spent was maximized.


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