Your Intentions Guide the Journey at this Serene Wellness Escape

Imagine a wellness resort where your experience is guided not by your desires but by your intention. At Miraval Resorts, guests set a clear goal for their visit–whether it’s to increase their mental wellbeing, connect more deeply with a loved one, or conquer a fear (to name just a few of the popular guiding themes). From there, they design an itinerary of world-class activities to fit this intention. It’s a luxury resort experience like few others in the world.

The Challenge

Miraval Resorts approached us in mid-2021 with a straightforward goal: they wanted to run a 10-week trial of ad campaigns for their newest resort property, Miraval Berkshires. The resort opened amidst the height of COVID-19, and they felt its marketing efforts needed a boost to thrive in the post-pandemic travel market. 

This ads trial was also an opportunity for them to get a glimpse at what a new agency’s approach might achieve. They had been with their existing partner for many years, and this felt like a good time to invite a fresh perspective.

In talking with Miraval, and learning they had previously had many different people involved in their account and a less-than-clear sense of unified strategy behind their efforts we got an immediate sense of how we could bring more to the table.

We discovered there was a heavy focus on branded terms in the ad campaigns (which can cost unnecessary ad dollars paying for traffic that would come via organic channels anyways), deficiencies in tracking and opportunities to build new audiences for the brand. These are things we knew we could help with. 

Ultimately, it was our goal not only to knock the Berkshires ad campaign out of the park, but to demonstrate the value of our approach and methodology for Miraval Resorts as a whole, building the trust and confidence to ensure a long-term partnership.


Before launching ad campaigns for Miraval Berkshires, we began with a comprehensive tracking audit, allowing us to uncover several previously undetected tracking issues that were skewing their data. 

With the ad campaigns, we aimed to take a new approach from what they had been used to. We focused on exploring new audiences, building brand awareness and easing off of branded terms. The result was a 67% lower overall ad spend for the campaign (in this case, Facebook ads), with a 79% increase in booking engine entries on their website.

After the 10-week trial, Miraval were so pleased with the results, that they decided to keep the campaigns active. Then, in January 2022, they asked us to take over digital marketing efforts for the brand and all three properties. 

We’ve become a trusted partner for Miraval not only because of the strong ad performance, but also because we’re able to offer them reliable, proactive communication, fresh and creative strategic approaches and actionable data insights.

We’ve also been able to generate more results for their marketing dollars, by achieving a 82% reduction in their social CPC (cost-per-click) and a 40% reduction in their spend on branded terms for Google Ads. The saved media budget has been channelled into expanding the reach and discovering new audiences.

Miraval Resorts offers guests a unique and enriching experience and it’s our pleasure to help share this experience with as many people as possible. We look forward to continuing our partnership with their evolving family of properties for many years to come.

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