Langara Fishing Adventures

Langara Fishing Adventures is North America’s best sports fishing experience. It was introduced to the world almost 35 years ago as a humble fishing lodge by a pair of passionate fisherman in a remote corner of British Columbia. Today, it’s grown and refined to be among the most sought after fishing and wildlife viewing destinations of the world.

The Challenge

By any measure, the Langara Fishing Lodge is a successful business and has been for a very long time. So having a strong digital presence was low on the list of priorities. But the existing website was well past its expiration date, did not keep pace with the viewing habits or devices of its users, and offered very little value through digital marketing.

LFL’s products are distinct, and grew at a different pace. The existing platform did a poor job of clarifying these differences, and overemphasized its smaller operations at the expense of the core businesses. The marketing team recognized these pain points, but moved proactively to support future growth and alignment between the digital marketing and physical product.


The Solution

The first thing we did was to create a strong hierarchy between its many business units. Then we funneled the users between the two main experiences of Langara Fishing Adventures. Our design approach emphasized simplicity, accessibility, and lead with strong visual assets. Our in-house film team created multiple video edits to be the centerpiece of the design.

Our digital strategists built a tailored digital marketing program to support offline efforts, bring new guests, and keep the business top of mind for past guests. We’ll continue working iteratively with the LFL team in addressing marketing goals and improving the performance of the website. We look forward to posting results soon.

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