Where cultivated meets wild

Digital Marketing

INNESS offers a breathtaking cabin and lodge experience in New York’s Hudson Valley. Drawing guests from across the country, it promises luxurious privacy, exquisite dining, premier golfing, and unforgettable weddings. Featured in Vogue Magazine and Conde Nast for its irresistible charm, INNESS is a destination guests will cherish. Set between the Catskill and Shawangunk mountain ranges, this 220-acre property boasts a hotel, restaurant, member’s club, golf course, and an array of leisure activities, providing an inspired country retreat for all who visit.

The Challenge

INNESS came to Wallop looking to increase its direct bookings and boost its organic search capabilities. While already renowned as a sought-after wedding venue, the property aimed to be recognized more prominently for its luxurious privacy and premier golf course. This required a strategic digital marketing approach, targeting potential guests seeking upscale accommodations and exclusive leisure experiences.