A Hub of Culture and Creativity in Music City

Nashville seems to overflow with creative energy and no hotel embodies the city’s spirit more than Hutton Hotel. Just a stone’s throw from the famed ‘Music Row’, the hotel is a beacon for those who want to immerse themselves in the art and culture of the area. Featuring its own concert venue, an onsite writer’s studio, in-room musical instruments, and special package options that offer songwriting activities, The Hutton offers the ultimate experience of the city’s musical energy.

The Challenge

Hutton Hotel approached us looking for a digital agency to help them generate awareness, build a stronger brand presence and drive direct bookings. With some changes to their management structure, the team was seeking strategic direction as they worked to forge a stable path forward.

Like so many properties, The Hutton was forced to close for an extended period during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

They wanted to focus on driving awareness and bookings to coincide with their planned reopening. ROAS would be top of mind for them when measuring the success of our digital marketing efforts. 

On our end, it would be important for us to triangulate between all stakeholders, ensuring that our strategic direction and execution considered the ongoing input of all involved.

The Results

When we began working with The Hutton in June of 2021, our focus was on preparing for their reopening in July, including launching a diverse paid media campaign across Google Search, Google Display, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads.

Our work also focused on bolstering their SEO and organic presence, with special attention to their on-page SEO including metadata optimization and schema optimization. From a UX perspective, we took steps to analyze user engagement and offer suggestions on improving their website navigation to maximize conversions. 

The property’s unique venue and event space, Analog, was also a focus for us as we looked to boost awareness and engagement around the concerts they host onsite.

The results have been impressive. Comparing Feb 1-Jul 19, 2022 to Feb 1- Jul 19, 2019, we’re seeing a 37.6% increase in revenue from website bookings, a 30% increase in the number of website transactions and an 28% improvement in their Ecommerce Conversion Rate. Total website users are also up by 10.5%. 

If we compare the peak summer period of Jul 1- Jul 19, 2022 to Jul 1 – Jul 19, 2021 we see even greater increases, including a 76% boost in conversions, 81% increase in website bookings revenue, 106% increase in transactions, and 64% more website users.

Their total ROAS from paid media campaigns is reaching up to 10:1 during peak  months–great performance by any measure. 

We hope to see these strong results continue as Hutton Hotel emerges from the pandemic with a clear strategic vision in a newly energized marketplace.

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