A new hotel brand with an old soul

Design / Development / Digital Marketing

Graduate Hotels is a growing collection of eclectic hotels set in historic American college towns, inspired by a mid-century, academic aesthetic. They celebrate the youthful optimism of university life and cultivate a spirit that thoughtfully aligns each hotel within its local school’s narrative.

The Wallop team has been working with the parent company, AJCP, for the better part of a decade. We continue to lead digital design and technical implementation for Graduates growing collection of hotels.

The Challenge

Wallop pioneered the inaugural digital design system for the Graduate brand, introducing a website framework that streamlined the expansion of their collection while capturing the unique essence of each property. As Graduate continued to flourish, our framework served as a cornerstone for their online presence, adapting seamlessly to accommodate their growth.

Over the years, as the properties matured, their website gracefully approached the twilight of its lifecycle. Graduate had outgrown its digital footprint like a cherished pair of well-worn university loafers.

Wallop was once again entrusted with the revitalization of Graduate’s online presence. Our mission was clear: infuse the digital landscape with the contemporary, mobile-friendly aesthetic befitting of the Graduate brand.

Since its relaunch, we have diligently worked to enhance, test, and optimize the site daily, ensuring it evolves alongside the expanding international footprint of the Graduate brand.