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A luxury hospitality company that owns and operates an award winning portfolio of boutique hotels, vineyards, restaurants and event venues in North America and Europe. They design and build unique, visually impressive hotels and venues through the vision and experience of Lynn Easton and Dean Andrews.

We’ve had the pleasure of working on a number of initiatives for this ambitious hospitality company with a growing collection of properties and venues. Our boutique approach to makes us a great fit, and we continue servicing its expanding portfolio and digital marketing programs.

The Challenge

Our relationship with Easton Porter spans many years, and we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on a number of projects. The largest undertaking for us was to design and build a custom website framework that was deployed across a number of their properties.

Zero George: This is a unique hotel property where the details were painstakingly attended to by the proprietors. Aside from all the usual things like strong direct booking performance, visual impact, and mobile support, the hotel needed a solution that meaningfully communicated its story and all the small things that make this hotel so special.

Pippin Hill Vineyards: A beautiful vineyard and highly sought after wedding and events destination in Charlottesville. Like many businesses we work on, Pippin Hill was doing fine based on the strength of the product and traditional marketing. But its website didn’t keep pace with its growth, support the business on the ground, or leverage its opportunities, and it was missing out on digital marketing opportunities.

Cannon Green, Red Pump Kitchen, Wild Common: Our mission here was to build a scalable website framework that would be home to three existing businesses, and possibly more in the future. It needed to be functional, accommodate a range of business types, support video content, incorporate easy to update menus, and maintain the same design quality that’s expected by its audience. All in a day’s work.

Easton Porter Corporate: The parent company needed a no-frills website to position them in the marketplace as the hospitality tastemakers that they are, and to attract investors for new projects. The design needed to convey the magic and uniqueness of their portfolio.

Zero George: After a thorough discovery process, we created a design concept that juxtaposes two highlights, visually through the home page. The design reflects the meticulous quality of the physical property; highly refined, elegant, and visually captivating. This was layered with strong UX and a digital marketing program that amplified direct bookings and reduced advertising costs. We think the results speak for themselves. View project

Pippin Hill Vineyards: This was our first collaboration with Easton Porter Group, and still one of our favorites. We captured the dreamy aesthetic of the vineyard and event space through elegant design, and incorporated video to add more visual interest. We aimed to capture the magic of the event spaces, and the reasons why this was such a sought after venue for customers throughout North America. Business goals were top of mind, so our solution was led by a strong digital marketing strategy with an emphasis on lead capture.
View project

Cannon Green, Red Pump Kitchen, Wild Common: The solution we delivered was a custom, scalable website framework that could accommodate a unique group of restaurants and event spaces. So far it’s been implemented on four businesses in the organization. It’s a solid framework that allows each business to stand out on its own, focus on its individual marketing goals, and deliver a rich experience through a highly visual design. Our in-house film and photography team also shot and edited video and photos for the website and other marketing channels. View project

Easton Porter Corporate: Our design team created a simple, highly visual design that showcased the individual magic of every Easton Porter property. There’s a clear design DNA that flows through every project, and this was captured through the careful selection of photos, text, and subtle transitions. View project