An intimate venue on a picturesque Michigan farm

Digital Marketing / Brand / Design / Website

Cornman Farms is a culinary event and wedding venue founded by Kieron Hales, a prodigious English chef. Located in Dexter just ten miles northwest of Ann Arbor, the farm belongs to the renowned Zingerman’s Community of Businesses.

Wallop kicked off the project in September 2019, and the new website launched three months later. To this day our team continues to drive impressive results for the property, leading and implementing cross-channel campaigns, reporting on performance, and working proactively on their online platforms.


The Challenge

The team from Cornman Farms thought it was time for a fresh start when they reached out to Wallop looking for help in building a new home on the web. “Guest feedback,” they told us “is that their real life experience invariably exceeds any expectations created by our website”.

Wallop began by leading a brand discovery process on the property. From the outset the first steps were obvious: not only did the site’s architecture need reworking but the brand story had to be totally rewritten.

We quickly learned how central food was to the Cornman Farms experience (it was pretty hard to miss actually.) We’d barely arrived when Chef Kieron began feeding us like royalty. Two days later he sent us off with a personal assortment of jam, honey, and chutney from his private collection. It left no doubt in our minds: if you book your wedding here, it’s because you’re a lover of food.

Capturing this essence of this story, we told the Cornman Farms team, would be vital to increasing online inquiries and conversions via the website. Equally important, the paid online ad strategy and tracking had to be revamped to improve budget efficiency and to facilitate targeting of more granular audiences.

On top of that, we knew it all had to be in perfect alignment with the Zingerman’s brand standards.