Cannon Green

Cannon Green is hard to peg—but that’s by design. It’s an acclaimed farm-to-table restaurant and a private event venue. It’s Happy Hour-central and culinary headquarters for Charleston’s foodie sophisticates. In short, it’s a gathering common of uncommon spaces, visionary designers and culinary artisans.

The Challenge

Cannon Green is an abandoned former garage and art gallery in Charleston connected to a 1920’s era warehouse that was completed, renovated, and reopened as a dedicated event space and restaurant. The mixture of event and restaurant space is a bold concept, and communicating the uniqueness and shifting perceptions about this space was going to be a challenge. We also wanted to raise awareness of the Cannon Green by leveraging its strong food program and the proven track record of the Easton Porter Group in leading similar projects in this space. This was going to be difficult in Charleston’s competitive food and event space markets.

The Result

This was a business with a very unique approach in a very unique space and configuration. Our strategy was to mirror that approach by creating a juxtaposition of classic and modern to reflect those characteristics in the brand and its physical space. We set out to achieve this effect with our design while staying true to our digital marketing strategy. To address business goals we incorporated persistent but elegantly styled and animated calls to action for events, chef’s table, and restaurant bookings.

A series of artful video sequences was directed, shot and produced by our sister company, Wallop Film, to boost engagement and visually tell the story of this very unique operation.

Cannon Green

We filmed and produced a series of clips to be used throughout the Cannon Green website and across social media and other marketing campaigns.

Cannon Green Screen

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