Building the world's best safari destinations

Design / Website / Digital Marketing / Film Production

Bushtops is a collection of tented camps in Kenya and Tanzania. It was founded by the Cotter family in 1977, and the vision of descendants Andy and Claudia Stuart stewards today. Their dream for Bushtops was simple: to create the world’s best safari destinations. This has meant an uncompromising focus on quality, innovation and care.

The Wallop team has been working with Bushtops Camps since 2014 and has worked methodically to improve the organization’s digital maturity.

The Challenge

When Bushtops Camps approached us, they were in a similar place to many of the experiential travel organizations we work with. They had gotten by for years with traditional marketing tactics and relied heavily on word of mouth. However, this approach made the company vulnerable to competitors, inefficient and missed out on opportunities on the web.

On the technical side, a convoluted URL structure was limiting opportunities with organic search. Performance on mobile devices was predictably poor, given the site’s age. Its performance was critically poor, and doing very little to support the business on the ground.

Neither photography nor video were employed correctly to convey or sell the experience. This significantly damaged guest perception as more competitors used imagery to tell their stories. This is where the award-winning Wallop film was brought in to produce a visually stunning video that would become the centrepiece of the website, which has become an essential part of their promotional materials.