Bushtops Camps

Bushtops is a collection of tented camps in Kenya and Tanzania. It was founded by the Cotter family in 1977, and today is stewarded by the vision of descendants Andy and Claudia Stuart. Their dream for Bushtops was simple: to create the world’s best safari destinations. This has meant an uncompromising focus on quality, innovation and care.


The Challenge

Wallop has frequently collaborated with the Bushtops organization, this website being the first of many projects.

The existing website was struggling on many levels. From a communication standpoint it was a sprawling mass of content in desperate need of organization. Neither photography or video were being properly employed to convey the experience. This was especially damaging to guest perception as more and more competitors utilized imagery to tell their stories.

On the technical side, a convoluted url structure was limiting opportunities with organic search. Performance on mobile devices was predictably poor given the age of the site.

The Result

With Yellow Fever certificates in hand, we began with a robust information gathering, photography, and filming mission in Kenya and Tanzania. This was our third – but most holistic – engagement in Africa, including photography, a responsive website, search marketing, and film production.

We started with a top-to-bottom content audit, mercilessly cutting and consolidating. Our sister company Wallop Film produced three videos that showcased the natural and designed beauty of Bushtops Camps. Additionally, we invested heavily in image selection and arrangement to ensure the spirit of Bushtops was immediately apparent to website visitors before they even read a line of copy. We developed a highly modular template system that would afford great layout flexibility when creating new pages. Since the launch in July of 2014, the site has seen traffic and visitor engagement improve dramatically while video consumption remains very strong. Post launch efforts include SEO, paid media, and optimization of conversion goals.

Bushtops Camps

A short piece filmed on-site to highlight the Bushtops concept of wild luxury.

Bushtops Camps project screen

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