An inviting blend of lodging and culture

Design / Development / Digital Marketing

What started with one motel conversion under altruistic motives became a trendsetting hospitality company that is often imitated but never replicated. The Bunkhouse Group builds one-of-a-kind hotels with a unique design sensibility and strong cultural component that reflects its place in the world.

This is one of our longest relationships, and one that we’re really proud of because the company aligns well with our values. The Wallop team has designed and built many websites for the company over the years, and are currently managing a transition to a new, global framework.

The Challenge

As with any hospitality company, The Bunkhouse Group had problems that come with a growing organization with a number of properties in its portfolio. Due to the uniqueness of each property, we initially designed and built standalone websites for every hotel.

But as the hotels’ needs evolved, users changed, and regulatory changes happened, it was clear that we needed a global solution that addressed the many pain points between every property that could scale and provide a foundation for a global digital marketing strategy.

The Results

Wallop designed and built a custom website solution on our Boilerplate framework that’s scalable, and would address the needs of each property efficiently. Like many of our customers, regulatory compliance for ADA and GDPR was high on the list.

The result is a flexible website platform that can be deployed quickly and modernized to accommodate the changing needs and uniqueness of every hotel. We also provide technical and industry expertise where needed to help the company navigate the ever-evolving web.