Brand personality touches every part of the brand experience, from your tagline to your colour palette to the way your staff answers the phone. When each of these things is derived from the same core spirit, they make for a consistent brand.

When many people write and speak on behalf of a brand, it can be difficult to align around one core personality. That’s where we introduce a brand archetype.

24seven Hotels

The Brand Strategy, Positioning, & Visual Identity

For hotel investors who want a management partner that delivers, 24seven Hotels is a west-coast lifestyle-focused hotel management company that believes better is always possible—for investors, partners, associates and guests.

Their newly-refreshed brand personality speaks to their love of music and its ability to connect people from anywhere and everywhere, making 24seven Hotel’s strengths shine. 24seven operates in a sweet spot—large enough to be well-resourced and effective; small and specialized enough to offer accessibility and expertise.

The resulting visual identity informed the creation of a new website and promotional materials, with a new video to come.

The Goals

  • Create a cohesive brand strategy and new visual identity, including a logo system, typography, and color palette
  • Develop a high-performing website