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Changes are afoot

Exciting times for Wallop. The world is back to work, and despite the impending rainy season here in Vancouver there is a palpable sense of enthusiasm from our team, clients and partners.

For our studio, some great projects are wrapping up and others are underway. But aside from the regular flow of business, we’ve expanded our team and extended our capabilities to bolster our expertise in content marketing and digital strategy.

Our studio has always held a focus on design and creative, and we’ve earned a strong reputation for breaking the mould. This isn’t going to change. However in the last few years, it has become apparent that our clients wanted more from us. Websites are marketing tools that have very specific functions and utility. But like many creative teams, we were sometimes guilty of placing too much focus on the user experience and not enough on ongoing measurement, refinement, or strategy after the website was released.

Don’t get me wrong, the websites we build perform well. We are meticulous with our planning and research, we use professional copywriters, and bring in world class talent for photos and videos (which we now do under our roof). Naturally this makes our websites tactile (which reduces bounce rates), engaging (time on site), and easy to use (conversions). And we work with a dedicated search marketing team to add search engine mojo.

Until now, we’ve haven’t had someone on our team dedicated to managing our accounts with the regular attention they deserve. A busy studio means we’re juggling a few projects. Goal setting was more reactive than prescriptive. Refinement was sometimes relegated to the back burner. That’s changing as we bring the content marketing, SEM, paid media, and analytics under our roof to plug into our planning, design, and development process.

Further to our content marketing focus, we recently brought on Martin, who’s been heading up our film department. He’s been a great addition to our team, and he’s done some great work since his arrival. Video is an extremely important element of content marketing. Having the ability to plan, shoot, and edit video in house means we can generate high quality content for our clients on short notice, and do so in a cost effective manner.

Lastly, we’ve brought on a Junior Designer, Kevin, to work alongside Geoff, our Art Director. He’s talented beyond his years and we’re excited to have him on board.

That’s the latest. What’s new with you?