As a European there are certain things I crave which, sorry Canada, Europe just does better:

Breakfast fry ups, sausage rolls, bread and butter pudding, Cadbury’s chocolate, fish and chips wrapped in newspaper, tea (proper, lovely, doesn’t taste like perfume, breakfast tea). This could turn into a never ending wish list of food…better wrap it up before I get hungry.

Fish and chips

When I had the chance to go to Zingerman’s Cornman Farms in Dexter, Michigan I was only delira (how us Irish say delighted :)) to learn that tasting the specialty foods of Chef Kieron was going to be part of our Discovery process. And as he is a proud Brit, lucky for me, most of my top cravings were part of the menu for the day. 

Zingerman Farmhouse

Driving up to the property I felt like I was in an All-American Hollywood movie, returning to the family home in the country. The home in this case, Cornman Farms beautiful Greek Revival Farmhouse. The Farmhouse is surrounded by luscious green grounds, gardens with crops growing key ingredients for the kitchen, a smoke house to add flavour to the meat and an equally impressive Red Barn, where people are known to dance the night away. 

You instantly see why this is the venue of choice for so many wedding parties, it has the perfect balance of homely feels and romance. Whether you just want an intimate affair only with you and your loved one or you want the full bells and whistles, Cornman Farms caters for every type of wedding from Elopments to Bespoke.

My family in the countryside of Ireland have an open door policy, allowing neighbours and friends to pop in for tea and chats whenever they feel the need. A true friend knows the backdoor is always open and the kettle is always on. With this in mind, I felt instantly at home when we walked in the backdoor of the Farmhouse in Cornman Farms, which led us straight to the heart of the house, the kitchen. It is here we meet the team who greeted us with hugs and smiles like we were old friends.

After a tour of the property, we then got down to the business of our Discovery meeting which set our goals and KPIs for the website and marketing project. This discovery meeting was like no other, it was filled with contagious laughs and colourful stories of those who had spent their most special day in the Farmhouse. 


Kitchen with robin blue walls

My true measure of a good trip, is the food. And the food was the star of the show that day. We started the day with a traditional breakfast fry (massive tick off my cravings list above). Followed by a lunch which was an array of colourful mixed fresh salads and sausage rolls. These sausage rolls deserve their own fan page as I still think about how good they were and I was so happy they gave me a box to bring home that night, which turned into a perfect breakfast the next morning (always thinking of my next meal). My sweet tooth was not neglected that day either, as the Bread and Butter pudding for desert put me into the perfect food coma.

Cornman Farms team with the Wallop team

I left Cornman Farms that day with my heart full with the warmest of welcomes and my belly full of the best food.

Julie Monaghan, Director of Client Engagement

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