The CAC is a small backcountry lodge and guiding operation in the Canadian Rockies. They are a family owned and operated business, by Derek and Barbara McManus, and their two sons, Jason and Paul.

It’s a very intimate operation with a personal touch, and the passion for skiing and wilderness is clearly evident. The MacManus family has been skiing in the Punch Bowl area for decades, and their knowledge and experience really shines through. 

This was a great trip for me because I’m a passionate snowboarder, but it was also special because I had the rare opportunity to bring along my partner and one of my best friends, an avid snowboarder and skier. As a result, the experience felt very personal as I was not in my usual work mode. The trip itself was led by Derek, the principal founder, which gave us an opportunity to learn intimately about the CAC operation. 

Man in a red jacket skiing

The highlight was, not surprisingly, the snow. It snowed heavily during our stay, and the guidance by the CAC staff allowed us to maximize our time out on the mountain, safely. We had access to the best lines, and was enveloped by the silence and majestic beauty of the Rockies throughout. The intimacy, company, and hospitality of the small-format lodging was thoroughly enjoyed.