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Unique travel experiences come in all shapes and sizes. You can stay at a luxury dude ranch, swim with turtles on a private island, do a culinary tour in Thailand, explore the culture of Old Montreal, or hit the shows and BBQs of Austin.

Or, do them all with our exclusive travel offers.

Places We've Been

We’ve been helping one of a kind travel and hospitality brands for a really long time. This has given us the opportunity to visit some of the most remarkable travel businesses in the world. The Wallop Travel Initiative is your way in. Or, you can come and work for us.


We work with brands from all over the world



Map of clients locations
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  • Within the Wild Alaska, USA
  • The Brando Tetiaroa, French Polynesia
  • Singita Grumeti, Tanzania
  • Bushtops Camps Siana, Kenya
  • Lebua Bangkok, Thailand
  • Lebua Lake Okareka, New Zealand
  • Lebua Corbett, India
  • Langara Fishing Adventures Haida Gwaii, Canada
  • Groupe Antonopoulos Montreal, Canada
  • The Ranch at Rock Creek Idaho, USA
  • Royal Champagne Champillon, France
  • Graduate Hotels Illinois, USA
  • Scenic Cruises British Colombia, Canada
  • Pacific Beachcomber Washington, USA
  • Bunkhouse Group Texas, USA
  • Easton Porter Virgina, USA
  • Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant Quebec, Canada
  • Blue Mountain Ontario, Canada
  • Zingerman’s Cornman Farms Michigan, USA

Not ready to travel yet? Here's a tip for the future

Why book direct?

Booking direct helps clients like ours provide exceptional experiences. When guests book directly through a hotel’s website or reservations team, they often have access to a number of benefits, including:

  • Best Rate Guarantees
  • No Hidden Fees
  • More flexible bookings
  • Exclusive Offers and Packages
  • More Security & Peace of Mind

What’s more, when you book direct the hotel doesn’t have to pay commission fees to Online Travel Agents such as Expedia and These commission fees can be as much as 20% of the booking value.

So, next time you’re researching a hotel, check out their offers page. We’re sure you’ll find something great!

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