The Westin St. Francis

At the turn of the century, the guardians of the Charles Crocker family announced plans to build The Westin St. Francis. Their vision was to make San Francisco the “Paris of the West,” and their stunning Union Square hotel would be their flagship. In the years since, The Westin has been the center of the city’s social, literary and artistic life.

The Challenge

The Westin St. Francis is an integral part of San Francisco’s rich history and a landmark property. It’s undergone a few major renovations, however the digital side of the business didn’t keep pace. This was especially true for mobile devices, as the website was built way before cell phones and tablets were a thing.

The website’s performance in search and advertising was stagnating. There’s only so much you can do to get users to the website before it has to do its part and close the deal.

The Result

Given that this hotel was under the Starwood umbrella, the new website needed to not only perform well, but also stand out from other high profile Westin properties while living within the boundaries of the brand ecosystem. Consequently, we went for a clean, minimal aesthetic that conformed to the Westin brand, while letting the iconic imagery take center stage.

The new website is a significant upgrade from its aging predecessor. The design is a juxtaposition between the old and the new; iconic San Francisco meets the contemporary Westin brand. It performs flawlessly on mobile devices and provides a strong foundation to support ongoing digital marketing initiatives.

westin project screen

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