The Post Hotel & Spa

Originally built in 1942, The Post Hotel resonates with the spirit of its colourful founder, Sir Norman Watson, and the dedication of its current owners. Born in Switzerland, brothers André and George Schwarz were raised to appreciate good food, good wine and good company. For more than 35 years, their shared passion has been to welcome guests to this world-class Rocky Mountain resort. The Post Hotel & Spa is both the ideal accommodation for relaxation and the perfect starting point for a visit to the Canadian Rockies.


The Challenge

Just as the hotel has evolved from a humble mountain outpost in the 1940s to the luxury hotel it is today, their approach to the web also needed to evolve. The hotel was underserved by a severely underperforming website that failed to capture the experience. It also didn’t provide the technical capabilities expected from a website in 2015.

Wallop was tasked to convey the story of this charming hotel in a way that was true to its spirit. We needed to bring the website up to date with support for mobile devices, and build a platform that supported the hotel’s digital marketing program. We also set out to significantly increase direct bookings.

The Result

Our sister company, Wallop Film, worked directly with George, Andre and Geoff to tell the story of the hotel. Using compelling responsive design and cinematic film work, we captured the details that earned the Post Hotel its top spot on Travel + Leisure’s list of Luxury Hotels in Canada.

Since the launch, we’ve seen a remarkable lift in key Google Analytics metrics and most importantly, conversions. The design is simple, elegant, responsive, and true to the spirit of the property.

The Post Hotel

A short piece by Wallop Film created to capture the history, authenticity, and personal touches that makes the Post Hotel what is today. No, we didn't notice until later that Andre and George had a glass of wine in every shot.

Post Hotel project screen

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