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Occasio is named after the Greek Goddess of Opportunity; she comes in an instant and is gone forever. Noting that founder John Kinney’s greatest regrets were for opportunities not taken, this was a fitting name for a momentous career transformation. John was a Physicist for 27 years and a Professor at the University of California prior to becoming a winemaker.

We often preach the efficacy of pairing film with a strong website, and this is a project that validates that belief. We were very fortunate to have such a great story to serve as a foundation for our work, but it’s tough to deny the strength of this medium in engaging users.

W3 Awards - Gold

The Challenge

The challenge posed to Wallop in this project had a few parts: to effectively convey the story of John Kinney and history of Livermore Valley, to build brand equity for Occasio Winery, and to provide a better eCommerce solution to sell their highly acclaimed wine. There aren’t many pieces of software out there that focus on wineries, and as a result the Occassio team were stuck with an eCommerce and inventory management system that disappointed on many levels. This piece of software was hooked up to the website through an API that was no longer supported or scalable. As a result, the business process between the tasting room, inventory, and storefront left a lot to be desired. Instead of solving problems, the software introduced needless administrative hurdles.

The Result

To solve the business problems around the wine software, we embarked on a thorough information gathering process to guide our strategic planning. The result was a film piece, a responsive website, and an ecommerce solution.

The film was a strong storytelling piece putting John, the winemaker, front and center and positioning Livermore Valley at the forefront of winemaking. We developed a highly visual responsive website and built it on top of an eCommerce platform that significantly reduced administrative burden for the Occasio team and provided a seamless shopping experience and membership management platform. The new website replaced the old winery software and provided a bridge between the storefront, tasting room, and marketing team.

The Perfect Harvest

California’s Livermore Valley was once renowned for making the finest wine in the world. John Kinney, a local winemaker, professor, historian and craftsman, is on a journey to reclaim that title and he's drawing on the history of the Valley to do it.

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