Vancouver’s cultural hub

Oakridge Vancouver is an audacious project to redefine and rethink the place we call home. All of the buildings are connected by a 10-acre park, uniting workspace, retail, community centre and living space which is designed with mobility, sustainability, arts and music in mind.

The Wallop digital marketing team managed the special sales event with the aim of attracting over 2,000 quality leads within 2 weeks.

Images sourced from Oakridge Vancouver.

The Challenge

Oakridge Vancouver was planning a special Lunar New Year event to raise awareness of the ultra-high-end properties under their profile and to encourage potential buyers to take advantage of limited-time sales initiatives. They needed to reach out to as many potential quality leads as possible in less than two-week time. Wallop’s job was to identify the right demographics targets and attract them to the event.

When we first took over the ad accounts, we saw that the audience targeting setup in either Google and Facebook ad accounts was not clearly defined and laid out. As a result, the volume of leads was not the highest it could be and in some cases, the cost per result was as high as CAD $319.

The Approach

Any great digital marketing campaign starts with precisely defined keyword sets and audience targeting. So the first step was to build the Google and Facebook campaigns from the ground up with a new structure aimed at luxury and high-end real estate market niche audiences, this approach allowed us to identify the most effective audiences that generate the required lead volume while maintaining a low cost per lead (CPL).


  • More than 3.5k leads reached within 2 weeks (exceeded our goal by 1500 leads)
  • Cost per lead reduced by 6x (compared to similar past campaigns)
  • 6x more leads (compared to similar past campaigns)
  • Cost per acquisition on Google Ads reduced by 11x (compared to similar past campaigns)

* Data compared to the industry benchmark from Wordstream dataset
** Data compared to the industry benchmark from Wordstream dataset

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lower CPL than industry average (Facebook Ads)*

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lower CPA than industry average (Google Display Ads)**