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This Land documents the Canadian Army’s most extensive arctic patrol since the 1940’s. To keep things interesting, Diane Whelan, a filmmaker & photographer, accompanied the expedition and became the first female and non-military member ever to join a northern patrol.

Using the rich, visual assets from her journey, the website is an interactive journey of photography and sound that chronicles Diane’s incredible experience slogging through blizzards, -50°c temperatures, mazes of crushed ice and near-impassable glaciers.

The Challenge

This was a complex Flash piece with a lot of moving parts. It required a heavy dose of dexterity from our development team to tie up the visually rich front end with the back end using a tapestry of actionscript libraries.

With two art directors deeply involved in the design process, the visual design required a great deal of refinement and pixel pushing dexterity; the kind of challenge we like.

NFB is known for their rich, interactive, storytelling websites that accompany their full length features. We wanted to build on this tradition by developing something unique, engaging, and dynamic.

The Result

The end product was a fluid, full screen presentation engine with an intelligent preloader for hi-res photos, audio, and assorted visuals. Our goal was to keep the user from having to wait to see pictures and video, not an easy task given the detail of the photos. We also designed a system that accommodated textual content fluidly for multiple resolutions.

This project accompanied a feature in the National Film Board’s portfolio. It was a collaboration between Wallop, art director Jeremy Mendes, and Rob McLaughlin & Adam Neilson from NFB.

NFB This Land project screen

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