A Brand New Skyline & Modern Living Space in Downtown Toronto

KING Toronto is the combined vision and values of 3 world-renowned real estate developers: Westbank, Allied and BIG. The project is a collaboration and an example of how to use architecture to solve the challenges of urbanization and foster innovation, creativity, sustainability, artistry and city building.

Images sourced from King Toronto.

The Challenge

KING Toronto has received a lot of attention for the unique and ambitious architectural look it sets out to achieve. It needed a strong online ad presence to complement its grand ambitions. Wallop helped to create a solid online advertising framework to attract qualified leads at a lower cost per lead.

Additionally, KING Toronto held a special Porsche event in 2019 to reveal the latest car model and engage luxury car lovers. Wallop built a special campaign to attract guests with a strong interest in luxury cars to the event. In 2020, Wallop also assisted promoting the Lunar New Year celebration event for KING Toronto, generating event-goers and potential leads.

The Approach

In order to pinpoint audiences with luxury-related and event-specific interests, we built our campaigns with a variety of ad groups targeting specific audiences. This enabled us to quickly see which audiences perform best. We then further fine-tuned the successful ad sets and ads to be even more precise. As a result, we were able to bring the average cost per lead down while still delivering a steady stream of quality leads.

Our focus was on people with luxury and sportscar related interests for the event promotion campaigns. To make sure that we captured as many high-quality leads and generated as much event awareness as possible, we also ran a traffic campaign to bring visitors to the event landing page, where they can find more information about the event and sign up.


The results of this combination of campaigns were outstanding.

*1 Data compared to the industry benchmark from Wordstream dataset

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improved CPL on Facebook lead generation ads (compared to previous campaigns)

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less cost per lead for Facebook ads compared to the industry average *

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less cost per click for Facebook ads compared to the industry average *