Hotel Havana

Hotel Havana is a historic hotel in the heart of San Antonio situated along the famous River Walk. It was originally built in 1914 and listed in the National Register of Historic Places and carries with it a very colorful past. It’s also home to Ocho, a popular restaurant, lounge, and bar.

We enjoy working with unique properties, and to call this hotel unique is an understatement. It’s an elegant blend of rich history and well considered, modern touches. This was the third collaboration between Bunkhouse and Wallop, the hotel group led by the iconic hotelier Liz Lambert.

The Challenge

The hotel, like all other Bunkhouse properties, is already successful and carries a high occupancy rate. Our goal here was largely similar to many other that we take on: the website needed  vast improvements and updates. It needed to be commensurate with the physical property and the brand and accommodate mobile devices. The previous website failed on all counts. We also needed to show why this was a much more authentic, interesting place to stay among the other more Disney-like, family-friendly destinations along the famous River Walk.

The Approach

We are very familiar with the aesthetic of the Bunkhouse brand, so it was our job to apply what we know and let the uniqueness and character of the hotel shine through a minimalist but rich aesthetic. As with all Bunkhouse projects, we had some great content to work with and we put it to good use. Though we wanted the property to shine, we needed to set the right expectations so there was no disconnect between the physical and virtual. We designed for high tactility and engagement while providing dead simple usability that emphasized conversions. We also implemented a strong foundation for search engines to increase visibility and traffic.

The Results

We delivered a website that was on-brand, on time, performed well on search engines, and translated seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices. When we replace an aging website by applying our process, we expect drastic improvements across the board, and this project was no different. This was especially noticeable with traffic, engagement, and mobile usage.

We’re really happy with the result, and as of this writing have started our fourth collaboration with the Bunkhouse Group, which also makes us happy.


increase in YOY total traffic


increase in YOY organic traffic


increase in avg. time on page YOY


increase in YOY mobile visits

hotel havana project screen

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