Defining new world hospitality in Old Montreal

Founded 30 years ago by brothers Tony and Costa Antonopoulos, Groupe Antonopoulos has built an impressive collection of hotels, restaurants, cocktail bars, and spas, all within a few blocks of each other in historic Old Montreal.

Wallop actively manages and reports on custom digital advertising programs for all hotels and spas, supported by a design system we deployed across their collection of properties.

A coffee left on top of a newspaper on a small table beside some jewellery.
Hotel WIlliam Gray lobby

The Challenge

From Wallop’s initial visit to Montreal in 2015, the challenge was clear. As with most growing, independent collections of boutique hotels, the digital experience and advertising strategy needed some updating and it needed to be done right. The marketing team was initially looking for a partner to design and build a website for Hotel William Gray, which was still under construction at the time.

The intial design and campaign frameworks would then be applied to the rest of the portfolio of hotels and spas as each went through its own brand refresh and photoshoot.

Of course, the properties would require customized analytics implementations, bi-lingual SEO strategies, and search and social campaigns.

Heureusement, on parle “hôtellerie”.

The exterior of a Groupe Antonopoulos hotel in Montreal's Old Town.


Having now become well-integrated with the Groupe Antonopoulos marketing team, we lead digital advertising strategy and digital design implementation for all of their hotels and spas.

The consistent growth in revenue from digital campaigns, while our team has managed to reduce CPA (cost per acquisition), is a testament not only to the value of ongoing engagements, but to the strong partnership we share with their wonderful team in Montreal.

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increase in new users to the Auberge du Vieux-Port site

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increase in revenue from Paid Search for Hôtel William Gray

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increase in phone calls since Hôtel Place d'Armes website launch

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increase in Spa Bookings YOY for Spa William Gray