Uncommon Hotels

Filament Hospitality was created by a group of hoteliers who banded together to execute a shared vision on hotels. The foundation of its strategy is good, vested people. Then create a collection of uncommon hotels that attracted interesting people.

The Wallop team design and built a custom website framework that we’ve deployed across a growing collection of unique hotels across North America, and provide digital marketing expertise on an ongoing basis.

The Challenge

The Filament collection of hotels were shaping up nicely. They had a ton of character, they were unique, and integrated local communities in a very big way. But their websites were another story. They were in disarray. Security and regulatory compliance were low on the list, yet the company had no plan to mitigate its exposure.

This is a pattern we’ve seen many times for hospitality companies in growth or acquisition mode, and we were the right partners to design a solution to accommodate the entire portfolio. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

The front of the Anvil Hotel with a vintage red sports car driving by

The Results

It was evident from our discovery and audit process that we were dealing with a bit of a paradox – the company needed a scalable platform, but each deployment needed to flexible so it could accommodate a very diverse collection of properties with high distinction. Therefore we designed the solution in a way that relied heavily on visual assets to communicate the uniqueness of each property while accommodating a broad range of content types through modular components. Regulatory compliance and security were baked into the solution.

This was very early days for our proprietary Boilerplate Framework, and it gave us a good opportunity to deploy it to a multiple property portfolios.

We continue to manage security and maintenance of the portfolio, and deploying it to new properties while layering in new digital marketing services.

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