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Eleven Experience is an experiential travel company with a collection of immaculate properties in iconic destinations around the world. The collection caters to ultra high-net-worth travellers looking for tailored travel experiences that fall off the beaten path, without sacrificing any detail in the accommodations. The intimate properties are subtly nestled into locations that allow direct, private access to outdoor adventures such as heli-skiing in Iceland, bone fishing in the Bahamas, and cat-skiing in Colorado – to name a few. Every adventure is led by friendly, world-class guides. The entire experience is curated by a team of experts working around the world and around the clock to provide the “Adventure Capitalist” with the trip of a lifetime. Eleven is about as niche as it gets in the luxury travel space. Most people will never hear about them, and that’s OK. Eleven chose Wallop to lead their digital strategy because of our experience in this niche.

W3 Gold Award 2017 W3 Silver Award 2017

The Challenge

It’s actually quite difficult to explain what Eleven Experience is. And this was perhaps our most pressing challenge. How do you tell such a complex story on the web, while making it easy for people to get the information they want?

Moreover, how do you drive the right kind of traffic to the site when the total market for UHNW travellers that want to jump from a helicopter to the top of a mountain in Iceland is probably about 450 people total?

We also needed to create a home for the ridiculously rich library of video and photography, and to do so contextually through location, adventure type and seasonality.

Every trip with Eleven is over-the-top perfect. So this needed to be reflected in their digital experience. Given the wide range of offerings, information, and properties, we knew this was going to be a content heavy site. Frankly, it’s huge, so page load times needed to be top of mind through development.



The Solution

We eschewed traditions and created layouts that emphasized visual content and tactility, and provided the visitor with an experience that was as close as possible to being there physically. We didn’t let the design get in the way, and made the visuals the focal point of the user’s experience.

Behind the scenes, we flexed our technical muscles and developed a platform that would deliver an enormous amount of data in the shortest time possible. Translating this to mobile form was no small feat, but we built a faithful rendering of the user experience in the mobile form.

Lastly, we balanced the creative work with our digital marketing expertise to deliver a steady flow of qualified traffic, and a reporting structure focused tightly on conversions. We’re expecting significant performance improvements, and can’t wait to report back with the results in a few months!

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