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From its modest beginnings, the Donnelly Group has established itself as a trailblazer in the Vancouver hospitality and nightlife scene. Reputed for their exceptional customer service, distinctive live shows and stylish atmospheres, Donnelly Group now operates 14 establishments across metro Vancouver. With a growing network of pubs, cocktail taverns, and nightclubs that double as venues for live entertainment, the company needed a digital presence that evolved at the same pace as the organization.

The Challenge

The existing Donnelly Group website was fundamentally flawed in several key areas. Visually, the old site didn’t accurately reflect the brand or properties themselves. For a company that prides itself on innovative interior design, the website had very few pictures. Overall there was a dearth of color and vibrancy, and the design failed to convey the distinguishing characteristics of the individual sub-brands. Organization was poor, and user experience was a frustrating affair, confirmed statistically by extraordinarily high bounce rates throughout the site.

Weekly promotions, featured events, and original live acts make up a large part of their business and demanded increased visibility. Donnelly Group leverages a number of offline channels, to promote events with a “drive to web” strategy, but this tactic fell short at the key juncture of this process: the website.

The Result

Wallop delivered a scalable, brand-centric solution that keeps pace with Donnelly Group’s ambitious, fast growing organization and provides the ability to accommodate a roster of resident artists, music, videos, and events.

Design-wise, we kicked things up a notch and leveraged the superb visual assets that Donnelly’s creative team meticulously curates as part of their promotional and marketing efforts. The new website conveys the dynamism of the Donnelly Group and clearly articulates its unique offerings in a format that’s digestible to a digital-centric audience, with quickly shrinking attention spans (sorry kids, but it’s true). We also made it easy to share events and foster natural connections within the existing social media channels engaged by the Donnelly Group brand.

From the technical side, the website incorporated a complex infrastructure that managed events, menus, and bookings that lived individually or between multiple locations while prioritizing ease of use from the administrative and user side of things. We also designed the website so it has room to grow – which is important for a company with aspirations of this magnitude.

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